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The B2B program will be back in Meximold 2023, to connect the demand and the supply  needs of the molding industry

B2B appointments are the fastest and more efficient tool for connecting demand and supply and concreting businesses in an industrial forum

2022 Edition Results 


Millions potential business value of published purchase requirements


Purchase requirements published on our platform


Purchasing companies from different industries


B2B meetings held

How will the Meximold 2022 B2B program work?

1) In August 1st, 2023 more than 30 companies (OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2) from the automotive, aerospace, medical and appliance industries will publish their purchase requirements on our B2B platform.

2) Meximold exhibitors will be able to create their supplier profile on the B2B platform, which will allow them to know and access all purchase requirements and apply for those which meet their production capacities.

3) The purchasing companies contacted will receive the appointment request, review the exhibitor's profile and decide whether to accept or reject the appointment. For this reason, it is very important that each exhibitor makes a complete and clear profile that describes in details their productive capacities.

4) Once the buyer accepts the appointment, the meeting is scheduled specifying the date and time.

Descubra cómo funciona el programa de citas B2B durante Meximold.

5) The meetings will take place face to face in the B2B room located in the floorplan, within the hours of the expo. All necessary measures will be implemented to guarantee the safety of buyers and suppliers.

Who will be able to participate in the Meximold B2B program?

Starting on September 8, 2023 , external suppliers (not Meximold exhibitors) will also be able to access the program, review the requirements and apply to schedule business appointments with buyers registered in the program. The participation will cost $ 3,500 pesos + VAT.

Empresas no expositoras en Meximold podrán acceder al programa con un costo asociado.

Meximold exhibitors will have priority and can apply for free with buyers.

Los expositores de Meximold tendrán prioridad para las citas B2B y podrán postularse sin costo con los compradores.

Does The B2B Dating Program Work For Your Business

  • Yes, if your company belongs to the production cycle of molds, dies or tooling and if your main clients are companies in the automotive, aerospace, medical and appliance industries.

  • Yes, if you are looking to expand your business network after the 2020 crisis in a fast, effective and targeted context.

  • Yes, if you want to connect with leading buyers in a safe and controlled environment.

  • Yes, if you want to prepare the best sales strategy before an appointment with a potential customer.

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