Your safety is our priority

Prepared to give a warm welcome, both to exhibitors and visitors, and in order to guarantee a safe event in compliance with the sanitary measures established to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Meximold management has established strict security protocols to ensure a controlled and contagion-free event.


Registration process


* Electronic stations will be sanitized after each use
** There will only be one on-site spot for cash transactions

Entrance to the exhibition 

Only one entrance door and one exit door.

At the entrance, the security staff will ask visitors to scan their personal badges on the barcode scanners.



barcode readers at the entrance



barcode readers at the exit

The numbers will beupdated in real time

This way, it will be possible to check the actual number of people present at the expo at any time.

Other measures within the exhibition floor

*Important: this information may change according to the guidelines issued by Civil Protection

We are waiting for you!  
By taking care of ourselves we will ensure the reactivation of business and commercial exchange!